Alpha-world as a system provider in the fields of hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic & automation equipment, has been developing individual solutions for customers from all industrial sector which are characterized by their high reliability and quality.
Passion for growth and development in: Hydraulic , Pneumatics , Electrical ,Automation

Alpha World Trading Company
Experience in commitment: We’re stand with you.
What makes this company different from others is experienced and capable management in fields as Sales and commercial engineering.

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Alpha World trading Company has started its activity with the aim of supplying industrial equipment and parts in the fields of hydraulics, pneumatics, electricity and precision instruments. We are one of the most reliable suppliers in the steel, oil, gas, petrochemical, refinery, and power plant industries. The main purpose of this company is to provide high quality products, favorable services and ultimately customer satisfaction through innovative solutions and the use of a professional, technical, commercial and sales team. This company is looking for development by relying on the most advanced technology in the world and using international standards and new methods in supplying parts based on customer-oriented principles.

Our Customers

Alpha world trading company has the honor of cooperating with reputable companies in the steel, oil, gas, petrochemical and refinery industries by using the technical knowledge of experts, providing high quality products and timely support.

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Precision Meets Power

Tough & Smart

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Distinguishing Features

Alpha world is an experienced team in the field of supplying industrial parts.

Alpha world’s goals are built on values and commitments that are the pillars of our activities in the vast field of service.

Commitment to quality: Every industrial instrument that is supplied by us, is according to the highest standards of quality and safeness.

The Alpha world believes that clear and continuous communication with customers is a key to be succeed and we are always ready to face with challenges by supporting and solving the problems.

Initiative and innovation:  The Alpha world is trying to continuous improvement and provide innovative solutions for changing needs of market.

Initiative and innovation are two main reasons to achieve our persistence and growth in this filed.

Support: The Alpha world is commitment for supporting the customers from choosing the product until after the delivery. The Alpha world assures that the customers in each stage can experience our support and guidance.